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Melba College, named after inspirational Australian Opera Soprano, Dame Nellie Melba, was established in 2013. The link to the Melba name goes deeper than naming rights. Dame Nellie Melba was an entrepenuer, performer, artist, business woman, landscaper, designer, singer and much more. She is a legacy of history and our connection extends to the Coombe estate. She was a risk taker and an inspiration for our students who symbolises the college's commitment to providing pathways and opportunities for each of its students. Dame Nellie Melba honed her musicianship as a student, before taking the courageous step of pursuing her craft overseas. She forged her highly successful international career to much acclaim, becoming a virtuoso by capitalising on opportunities. 



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Coombe Yarra Valley - or or the Nellie Melba Museum


Melba College is a co-educational government secondary school located in Croydon, an eastern suburb of Melbourne. We operate a Years 7 to 12 Campus on Brentnall Road, with student enrolments drawn from across Maroondah. The first three $17.9 million state-of-the- art learning facilities were opened at the start of Term 3, 2018 and the next two multi-million dollar buildings (S.T.E.A.M centre and four court multi storey Stadium) opened in Term 3, 2020. 


Our school values of S.T.R.I.V.E (Success, Teamwork, Resilience, Integrity, Valuing Excellence and Engagement) encompass our pathways based approach to education and are centred around the pillars of Teaching and Learning and Student Engagement and Wellbeing.


Our professional teaching and support staff deliver a comprehensive, engaging and enriching curriculum that prepares our students to graduate world-ready. Melba students benefit from the school’s commitment to fostering success in all its forms, providing a positive, nurturing culture, a broad co-curricular program and strong community focus.


We are one campus consisting of the equivalent of 70 full time staff. The school is a welcoming place where students from many cultures learn together in modern facilities.

  • The College is categorized as “low-medium” compared to other State schools in socio-economic terms.
  • The school family occupation and education (SFOE) index is 0.58.
  • The majority of our students from Year 7 stay on to complete their secondary education.
  • Cultural diversity is a feature of the College community with at least 35% of the college students arriving from other countries.
  • Approximately 40% of our senior students undertake a VCAL pathway (trade/vocational focus)
  • Wellbeing support is provided across the College with two counsellors, a youth worker, psychologist, chaplain and other professionals available.
  • ‘Compass’ is the main communication system for the College. Compass is available to parents and students to assist with attendance, learning tasks, payments, permissions, reporting etc.
  • Careers staff are onsite to assist students to understand successful pathway options.
  • Many community groups access a variety of the College’s facilities for sport and the College is a central facility within the community.

We take great pride in all our students working hard at school and place a value on excellence. We also understand that success for students takes many forms and work with students and families to get great outcomes for our students. Our VCE median study score is steadily rising in the past two years, achieving the State benchmark of 28 in 2019. The college places equal emphasis on achieving outstanding VCAL and VET results and have committed significant resources to the program over the last 2 years. We are a College that meets the pathway needs of all of our students. The foundations for these results are found in our commitment to successful pathways for our students and relentless focus on improving student outcomes. Student Attitudes to School reflect a strong sense of connectedness to school, particularly in the Senior School across Years 11 and 12 and an improving connectedness across Years 7-10. Our parent opinion survey meets state benchmarks, reflective of the college's focus on strengthening its connections to the community and achieving a happy and harmonious College community.


The Melba College logo, a soaring raven, evokes the notion of perpetual movement upward and forward and is indigenous in our local community. It symbolises our commitment to facilitating the constant progress of all students toward their every growing potential.


The earthy colour palette chosen to characterise Melba, with its tones of eucalyptus green, terracotta and charcoal reflecting our local native environment.



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