The Melba Teaching and Learning Framework

Melba Teaching and Learning Framework



The Melba College Teaching and Learning Framework has been created with input from Melba teaching staff at each step of its development. This framework is visible in every classroom and is intended to be used by teachers as a guide for delivering curriculum across all domain areas.


The framework continues to evolve but in the most general sense, the Engage, Enrich and Empower elements provide the template where learners are immersed in the learning intention and context of a lesson (Engage), they incorporate the skills and concepts in the success criteria and utilise that learning in some way (Enrich) and they reflect on and evaluate their own understanding of the learning undertaken in the lesson (Empower).


At its most detailed, the framework provides a blueprint for teachers to create effective learning outcomes for students and to understand the effectiveness of the learning designs they create. It promotes consistency of good educational practice and supports good teaching.