Numeracy Exploration Program

Our belief
At Melba College, it is recognised that Numeracy Skills are essential in a student’s learning. Numeracy requires a student to be able to apply core mathematics into everyday applications and solve problems through the skills of thinking and doing. 

Melba College offers a Numeracy Exploration Program for students who require support in expanding their mathematical skills into solving everyday problem. The Program is implemented from Year 7 through to Year 9. Students with high end mathematical skills need support in applying these skills into the numeracy of mathematics and this program is designed to support them in furthering their mathematical skills by further exploring the numeracy element of the subject – “a student needs a solid foundation of both mathematical knowledge and numeracy skills for success in today’s mathematics courses”.  


What the program entails
The Numeracy Exploration Program offers individual/small group work, developing the sequential steps going through the higher level of maths knowledge and applies these to the appropriate level numerical problem based skills. This will include topics such as, algebra, financial mathematics, geometric reasoning, measurement, linear and nonlinear equations and further topics that are only introduced in VCE such as surds. As mathematical skills are sequential and require a level of academic maturity, individual and group work will align with the advanced needs and academic growth of the students. The extension of the numeracy and mathematical skills will correlate with the topics being taught in the curriculum. 


The Numeracy Exploration Program offers a challenging and engaging program to help further extend high achieving mathematical students to explore the numerical elements of mathematics. 


At Melba College, the Numeracy Exploration Program will be scheduled as a set class once entered in the program. 


Eligibility / selection criteria
Students will enter the program using a range of assessment tools including On Demand Testing, PAT Maths Tests, NAPLAN data, transition plans, school reports and class based testing as well as a letter of interest from the identified students. 


Successful Pathways from the program
Students who participate in the Numeracy Exploration Program in most cases will continue their preparation for VCE Mathematics in Year 10 by joining the Year 10 Methods class. This prepares students for the rigours of VCE Mathematics to help students achieve their best.