Year 7 Team 2022



Deb Stacey

Year 7 Leader

  • BAppSci (PE)
  • Grad Dip (Health and Home Economics)

“I have learned that people may forget what you said, and forget what you did, but they will not forget how you made them feel.”




Jess Greenley

Home Group Teacher

English and Humanities

·         I have two cats

·         I am left handed

·         I can name every country in the world






Dianne Parkinson

Home Group Teacher

Teaching and Learning Specialist – Data,  Humanities Domain Leader









Bianca Inoue

Home Group Teacher
Languages Domain Leader   
7, 8, 9 Japanese

·         I lived in Japan for a very long time

·         I speak fluent Japanese

·         I am a North Melbourne Kangaroos member






Neil Robinson

Home Group Teacher

Mathematics & Physical Education


Sally Bottomer

Home Group Teacher

Health & PE Domain Leader
Health & Physical Education

·         I'm a twin

·         My favourite food is toast

·         My favourite place is the beach