VCE and VCE VM Team - 2023

Melissa MacDonald


VCE VM Literacy, Numeracy, Personal Development Skills, Work Related Skills, VCE 11 Psychology

·         I support Melbourne Storm

·         I have a healthy love for interesting socks

·         I have two boys


Dee Arambasic

VCE/VCE V< Assistant Leader

12    VCE VM Numeracy, 9 Textiles

·         I didn't speak English when I started school

·         Enjoy propagating plants

·         I enjoy craft and sewing













Kim Noble

Year 12 Home Group Teacher

VCE VM and  Food Technology teacher

·         I love food

·         The beach & surfing

·         I love camping...anywhere in Australia







Emma Bato

Year 11 Home Group Teacher

12 Psychology , Year 7,8,9 Health, 

Lucinda Fechner

Year 12 Home Group Teacher

Technology Domain Leader

Art and Production, Design and Technology

Andy Lockey

Year 11 Home Group Teacher

9 Maths, 11 VCAL Numeracy, 11 VCE VM Work Related Skills, 12 Further Maths, 12 Maths Methods












Rhian Steele

Year 11 Home Group Teacher

Classroom Teacher

Mathematics, Science, Biology & VCAL Numeracy









Sandra Raudino

Classroom Teacher

Humanities, Legal Studies

Lauren Santalucia

Arts Domain Leader

Media and Music



Lewis Parrott

Classroom Teacher

English 7-10, 11 VCAL Literacy 11, 11 VCE VM Work Related Skills









Max Bryers

Classroom Teacher

Art & Visual Communication & Design




Katharina Bergin

Classroom Teacher

11 General mathematics, 8 Science