Year 9 Team - 2023

Jessica Rennick

Year 9 Level Leader

Year 9 English, Year 11 English, Year 11 VCAL Literacy

Nicole Perry

Year 9 Level Leader Assistant

English and Performing Arts






Michael Benjamin

English and Humanities


Jason McCrae 

Teaching and Learning Specialist - Numeracy



Colette Maclaren








Cameron McBride

English, Geography, Business Studies and Humanties

Sonja Ahrens

Mathematics and Science

Yi Jiang

Japanese, Media, EAL







Russell Warburton

Physical Education

Neil Robinson

Mathematics and Physical Education

Seetha Ravimandalam

Year 9 Engagement Coordinator

Mathematicas, Numeracy and Year 10 Foundation VCAL Literacy








Stephanie Juers

English, Physical Education, Wellbeing and Engage