School Wide Positive Behaviour





What is PBS?

PBS is “Positive Behaviour Support”: A research based world-wide system for increasing productive learning behaviours and environments.

  • A “broad range of systemic and individualised strategies for achieving important social & learning outcomes and preventing problem behaviour with all students” (Sugai & Horner, 2001)
  • A school-wide process for developing and explicitly teaching appropriate and positive behaviours
  • The redesign of environments, not the redesign of individuals

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School-Wide Expectations

As part of the PBS process we have identified our three school-wide expectations as:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Safe
  • Be a Learner

You can find out more in this Teaching Matrix (coming soon). Which was developed in collaboration with students, parents and staff. Students will be proactively taught these school-wide expectations over the course of 2024.


Minor & Major Behaviours

PBS is designed to increase the positive learning behaviours and to create consistency in response to unproductive learning behaviours.

We are in the process of categorising what is considered a minor or major behaviour. We are still in the consultation phase.


PBS Behaviours

Agreed School-Wide Definitions


Minor behaviours:

Cause minimal impact to others. They are localised to the setting in which they occur (e.g. classroom) and managed when and where they occur by the staff member present at the time. They are able to be resolved quickly.


Major behaviours:

Requiring significant and/or frequent attention and has a significant impact on the learning/wellbeing of others. 

Generally requires the student to be removed from the setting in which they occur. Are managed beyond the context in which they occur by the teacher and a school leader.


Our next steps at Melba

  • Differentiate between minor and major behaviours
  • Develop a curriculum for teaching school-wide expectations
  • Document process and systems
  • Trial decision making flowchart with practice scenarios
  • Commence staff implementation using decision making flowchart
  • Consolidate and streamline our reinforcement processes



Learning Matrix Minor & Major Behaviours Continuum (SWPBS) 2023 Lesson Template Draft



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