21st Century Learning Environment

Engaging, Enriching and Empowering young learners with the aptitudes and skills to excel in the digital age requires high quality learning environments.

There is no doubt that flexible learning spaces where students are engaged, stimulated and encouraged to be creative, critical thinkers fosters learning potential. We are genuinely excited to soon have the infrastructure that will further support our personalised learning approach and our vision for engaging, enriching and empowering each individual.

Our new state-of-the-art facilities include dedicated sub-school learning buildings with spacious, technology rich classrooms. Each multipurpose room and breakout space will be furnished and configured to support the full range of teaching and learning styles.

A substantial library/resource centre and exciting sporting facilities …

Whether students are engaged in collaborative or individual learning, whether they are discussing, exploring, researching, presenting, experimenting, painting, cooking, rehearsing or playing games the building design will reflect our educational philosophy and translate into even more learning benefits.

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