Assessment & Reporting

Assessment and reporting are vital processes that provide information about what students know and can do, allowing:

  • teachers to make recommendations for their future learning
  • students to review their progress and develop new learning goals
  • parents to support the learning journey.

In line with Department of Education and Training (DET) requirements, Melba College reports on student achievement against the AusVELS achievement standards twice a year - at the end terms 2 and 4 - through detailed written reports.


These are written in plain English, giving students and parents a clear picture of learning progress and achievement against clearly defined learning standards.


They include:

  • Common Assessment Task outcomes - Years 7-10
  • a Grade Point Average (GPS) - the average result of all the grades achieved across the semester
  • recommendations for learning
  • a reference to attitude and behaviour
  • student self-assessment.
  • Brief ‘check form’  interim reports indicate progress made in Terms 1 and 3.

In addition, Continuous Online Reporting has now also been launched at Melba College.


Students and parents can receive up to date reports of learning progress online anywhere, anytime via Compass.


Results are published a short time after a Common Assessment Task (CAT) is completed and assessed.


At any time during the year parents can now see:

  • assessment task details
  • due dates
  • criteria for marking
  • feedback
  • learning outcomes.

This ‘real time’ feedback means:

  • parents are notified as soon as a problem is evident
  • teachers and parents can identify learning needs, intervene and support progress
  • students are more accountable for their work habits.

For more information about Common Assessment Tasks click here.