Tutoring Program

Our belief


At Melba College, we STRIVE to provide a Tutoring program that further provides an Engage, Enrich and Explore mentality in our students learning in Mathematics/Numeracy. To cater for this the Tutoring Initiative aims to support students who are not “traditionally” supported with funding, EAL, PSD or Extension, and tend to only be provided support and differentiation within the classroom environment.


As a College we believe that all students willing to engage in receiving tutoring support in their Mathematical and Numeracy skills, build confidence in the many varying mathematical processes and enhance their knowledge and understanding of Mathematics. This then better prepares them for their academic journey throughout the College and into post-Secondary school life.


What the program entails


The structure of the program is in line with the Curriculum topics that are being covered in the Mathematics classroom. Our highly dedicated and hard working qualified teachers who run the Tutoring sessions liaise with the student, their families and their mathematics and any other relevant teachers to get an overall view of how to best support the student.

During these sessions students will experience:

  • Goal setting and reviewing
  • core skills session time (times tables, division facts, borrowing, squares etc),
  • go over content taught in class and provided time to do class based activities,
  • go into the core skills required for a new topic or skill set
  • Flipped Classroom (learning the content prior to learning it in class)
  • Tailored made activities to the student’s specific point of need
  • Review of their tests and support in correcting areas that were incorrect
  • Sessions focused on supporting them and the required mathematical knowledge for their future ambitions


Each student in the tutoring program will be placed on an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). This is created in conjunction with the student, their classroom teacher and all relevant data, PAT Testing, NAPLAN data and Teacher Judgements. These ILP’s also have the students goals attached and are reflected on regularly to match the students needs.





In Years 7 and 8 students are provided the opportunity to be a part of the Tutoring Program or Japanese. Students and parents are asked to discuss their child’s needs and decide on either a Numeracy support in Tutoring or to further their development with another Language. They will end up having two sessions of tutoring within a week.


In Year 9 Tutoring is placed into the Elective Block. Students are provided the opportunity to either stay in one of their chosen electives or participate in the tutoring program. They will end up having 3 sessions of tutoring within a week.




All students are eligible to access the program. Tutoring works best when the student and their family identify that they need extra support with their mathematical and numeracy knowledge and they “buy-in”/request to have tutoring support. We do aim to cater for students who have fallen 6 to 12 months behind due to outside mitigating factors but consider all students who request support.


Successful Pathways from the program

Students who participate in the tutoring program build both their ability and confidence in all areas of Mathematics. The improvements in their overall key core skills and understandings provides the students with the best opportunities to achieve their goals within the subject of Mathematics.