Year 7 & 8 Curriculum

In Years 7 and 8, students may apply for entry to one of our pathways based programs. These are Pathways Through Sport, Engage (Dance and Drama based), Fusion Music (ensemble and performance based) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics based). In these crucuial development years, literacy and numeracy skills are fundamental to a student's development. We place great emphasis on measuring student abilities in these core areas and proide targeted intervention for students that are falling behind via our Literacy Enhancement program and Numeracy Exploration program, as well as utilising Individual Education Plans to ensure no student is left behind. In addition, these programs and strategies will support and extend students to reach ever higher targets and goals. 


In Year 7 we believe in giving students an opportunity to trial and sample a broad range of subject areas to give students the chance to identify areas of interest to pursue in later years of education. With this in mind, we have developed an elective cycle that gives students an insight in to subjects such as art, media and cooking to name a few. Students in a general Year 7 or 8 program will be given more time to sample different subjects to inform decisions in Year 9 about what they are interested in pursuing in greater detail. 


Year Level


Periods a fortnight

7 and 8

Home Group

10 (@ 10 minutes each)














Health PE



Languages (Japanese)



Years 7/8 General Pathway Specialist Rotations


-          STEM + Rotation

-          PTS + Rotation

-          ENGAGE + Rotation

-          MUSIC MASTERS + Rotation


Students will be placed in the General Pathway by default. Students are required to nominate for a position in a dedicated pathway. Students in a General pathway will undertake 2 specialist subjects a Semester totalling 8 different subjects over a 2 year period.


Students in a dedicated pathway will study that chosen pathway plus 1 specialist subject a Semester totalling 4 different subjects over a 2 year period.

10 periods


5 + 5 periods (10 total)

5 + 5 periods (10 total)

5 + 5 periods (10 total)

5 + 5 periods (10 total)


Other than Home Group a period is 58 minutes in duration.