Year 7 & 8 Curriculum

Areas of Learning

Melba College Year 7 and 8 curriculum is divided into eight Domains:

  • The Arts
  • English
  • Language (Japanese)
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • Technology

The curriculum is in line with the Victorian Curriculum which describe what students are expected to know and be able to do at different levels, and how well they should know and be able to do it.


The key characteristics of students at this level include:

  • Developing self-efficacy skills to maintain confidence and a positive attitude
  • Developing an individual sense of identity
  • Having an awareness of universal ethics and morality, culture and nationhood
  • Shifting from the concrete to the conceptual
  • Discriminating in terms of value, quality and worth
  • Developing an awareness of formal methods of inquiry


Year 7 students are timetabled across 25 (58 minute) periods per school week, with a 10-minute Home Group at the start of each day.


In these crucuial development years, literacy and numeracy skills are fundamental to a student's development. We place great emphasis on measuring student abilities in these core areas and proide targeted intervention for students that are falling behind via our Literacy Enhancement program and Tutoring program, as well as utilising Individual Education Plans to ensure no student is left behind. In addition, these programs and strategies will support and extend students to reach ever higher targets and goals. 


In Year 7 we believe in giving students an opportunity to trial and sample a broad range of subject areas to give students the chance to identify areas of interest to pursue in later years of education. With this in mind, we have developed a cycle in the Arts and Technology domains that gives students an insight in to subjects such as Visual Arts, Media and Food Technology to name a few. Students in a general Year 7 or 8 program will be given more time to sample different subjects to inform decisions in Year 9 about what they are interested in pursuing in greater detail. Please see below for a breakdown for student timetables in Year 7/8: