Melba College’s comprehensive and dynamic sport program in the Pathway Through Sport (PTS) program at Years 7 and 8 and then through sport based electives in 9 and 10 has a strong emphasis on participation, social and leadership development, as well as personal best achievement.


Program Features:

  • Skill development and training programs
  • Student leadership and coaching opportunities
  • Participation in interschool sport competition
  • Annual whole school House competition carnivals: Athletics, Cross-Country, Swimming
  • Form and year level lunchtime sport competitions


Interschool Sport Competition


Students represent the college in the interschool sport competition in sports including;


  • athletics,
  • badminton


    Carla Bourne

    Sports Coordinator

  • basketball,
  • cross country,
  • cricket,
  • football (AFL),
  • hockey,
  • netball,
  • soccer,
  • swimming,
  • table tennis,
  • tennis
  • volleyball. 


  • The college is affiliated with School Sport Victoria (SSV). 
  • At Maroondah Division level students compete against local high schools.
  • Successful individuals and teams can progress onto Region and State level competition.
  • Students in years 7-10 can sign up to try out for participation in a range of sports.
  • Students in years 11-12 are eligible to participate but must first have their teachers sign off that they are up to date with their work and will comit to catching up on work missed.
    • Students in these year levels who have a history of participation in events at a high level will be permitted to participate.
  • Training occurs either before school, after school or at lunch time. 

Additional Opportunities
Depending on student interests a range of additional activities are offered.

These have included:

  • Chess
  • Aerobics
  • Mountain bike orienteering

Students are encouraged to discuss these interests with their PE teachers and where enough interest exists, PE teachers will attempt to integrate the activity in to their lessons.


Students enjoy outstanding sporting facilities including our brand new four court Championship Basketball stadium, tennis courts, local council oval and soon to be made college oval.