Engagement Programs

The following wellbeing programs support the education and formation of our students on a year level, opt in or referral basis as indicated.


STRIVE Engagement Programs


Title Purpose Details
Occasions To support both PSD and non-PSD students apply life skills in authentic environments.

Due for implementation in 2020, this program aims to support social engagement and foundation level mathematics, planning, organisation and reasoning skills. Students will cook food for various events, including staff luncheons, parent information nights and then employ their communication skills while catering the event. It aims to develop student social skills, foster friendships and improve student capacity to engage meaningfully with their peers.



MCYC - Change it UP Leadership training for at risk students.

This program, in conjunction with Maroondah Youth Services and Victoria Police aims to engage student who are displaying at risk behaviours. It provides students with information and awareness around some of the risk behaviours and how to mitigate them occuring or escalating. The program also raises awareness of the impact of crime in the community and encourages personal and community safety while promoting leadership and positive decision making. 



Activate and Construct A behavioural and reengagement program

The Activate program aims to instill in students a capacity to self-regulate behaviours so they can meaningfully engage in learning. Activate aims to heal, grow and achieve better academic outcomes, improve self-esteem, increase student enagement and foster improved relationships. Often students will utilise hands on learning opportunities and will regularly touch base with their Activate Coach.

Often, but not always, used in conjuntion with Activate is the Construct program. Here, students will work on school beautification, building and landscaping projects. This program aims to build student pride in achieving meaningful tasks with visible impact, to grow cooperation and teamwork skills and to also give students the chance to accept and show responsibility for actions.



Break Out Anti-Bullying

Due for implementation in 2021, Break Out is a targeted program that aims to change behaviours of students that have been identified as displaying bullying behaviours towards others. These students will work with the College's adolescent health nurse and engage in a range of behaviour change workshops. They will also be strongly encouraged to take ownership of their behaviour with follow up meetings potentially occuring with relevant Team Leaders and parents. Wellbeing sessions and resources will be available for students that have been victims of bullying with a focus on empowerment, resilience and restorative practices.



Life Skills Intensive life skills support Due for 2021 implementation and typically for students involved in the college PSD program (but not exclusively), this program will specifically target awareness of money, personal hygiene, social awareness and behaviours as well as following simple instructions, reading, writing, internet safety and using public transport.




In addition to these programs, the college obtains feedback, via its Student Voice program for relevant issues to specific cohorts, for example, the use of social media. Where an opportunity presents, relevant external agencies are consulted to support the holistic growth of students in issues that are relevant to them.  


Wellbeing Programs


Breakfast Club

  • Whole school program
  • Focus on nutrition, promote relationships and start the day well together
  • Runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Supported by Foodbank

Wellbeing Information and Activities Sessions

  • Year 7 program
  • Part of Turbo Time transition activities
  • Allows students to get to know the wellbeing team through activities

U R Strong

  • Year 7 and Year 8 Program
  • This program helps students to increase resilience and enhance friendship skills

Respectful Relationships and Consent

  • Year 9 Program
  • Information and education on staying safe and being respectful


Revved Up & MPower Girls

  • Resilience building program for targeted students




  • Maroondah Youth Services
    • Various wellbeing programs
  • Youth Resource Officers (Victoria Police)
    • Cybersafety sessions
    • Other targeted programs
  • Next Gen
    • Youth group for all students at lunchtime on Fridays
  • Local Foodbanks