Student Voice

Student Voice refers to the practice of listening to students’ unique perspectives on learning, teaching, and schooling, and adjusting policies and practices accordingly. This is one of our core priorities. At Melba College, we don't simply listen to students, but actively seek to empower them as agents of change. 


At Melba College, students are empowered to fully, proudly and actively participate in college decision-making processes through our Student Voice group. This representative body offers opinions, raises concerns and ideas, discuss issues,

reviews policies and practices, and influences decisions that impact on their learning and school experience. We value the changes and improvements that result from this interaction.




Student Voice Leaders particpate in the selection of Leading Teacher and Assistant Principal positions, where they form their own selection panel prior to the Principal's. These emerging leaders organise and implement various school events, such as casual dress days and the annual community building event: Melba Week.


These emerging school leaders are expected to model the college values of S.T.R.I.V.E - Success, Teamwork, Resilience, Integrity, Valuing Excellence and Engagement. They provide feedback for teachers through Teach the Teacher Days, participate in important school meetings including School Improvement Teams, Teaching and Learning and Wellbeing committees and contribute to the everyday life at the college.         






Student Voice composition


Senior Team:     

College Captains

House Captains

Music Captains

Beacon Ambassadors

Communication Manager 

Representatives: Years 10, 11 and 12


Junior Team:

School Captains (4)

House Captains (4)

Ambassadors, Years 7-9

Form representatives, Years 7-8


Current Student Voice Members:


Senior Leader/s: Laura Zinghini (Staff) & Allirra Scott (Assistant Principal)


Captains: Sebastian Zinghini, Callum Lynch, Tamsin Ball, Kaden Burch, Eleanor Hill (Junior School Captain) &  Ashley Geary Smith (Junior School Captain).


Communications Manager: Benjamin Evans Clifford 


Student Voice Body: Hser Tin (VCE Leader), Bonnie Howarth-Hooker, Alana Jade Barber, Tiah Cox, Jasmine Drummond, Annie Ivy, Meg McDowell (Council Rep), Pheobe Deovic, Ainslie Heriot, Kor Kor doe-Lawson, Mia Lauder, Chloe Mclaren, Anna Setford (Council Rep), Madison Davey, Holly Hanson, Caitlyn Daley, Summer Johnson, Alyssa Malloy, Charlotte Rochford, Oriana Williams & Campbell Latimer (VCAL Leader). 





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Student Voice Feedback Form

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Contact Informatiom 


For General Enquiries:

Team Leader: Laura Zinghini

Co-Team Leader: Allirra Scott 


Student Communications Manager: Benjamin Evans Clifford



If you wish to place a booking for a meeting please contact or fill in this form 


Contact is preferred through the General Enquiries email







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