Year 7/8 Pathways Program

Melba College 2023 Pathways Information Night Presentation


At Melba College, we strongly believe that when students have some choice and agency in their learning, they will be more engaged and achieve better learning outcomes. We have seen this belief born out through our two distinct senior school pathways and the success that we have experienced there. This belief has led to the development of our pathways approach at 7-10 and the element of choice at every year level.


The pathways approach at year 7 and 8 involves students having choice in the program they are involved with. They can be involved in the Mainstream Year 7/8 OR choose to be involved in a 'Pathways' program that specializes more in a specific learning area. These 'Pathways' learning areas include:

  • Pathways through S.T.E.M. (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics)

  • Pathways through Athlete Development

  • Pathways through Performing Arts

These programs will run year to year based on student interest.


The Year 7 & 8 Pathways engages in most aspects of mainstream, but includes an element of specialization with chosen learning area. These pathways programs includes two specialist classes (instead of four) and a yearlong program in their chosen pathway. Please see below for a comparison between Mainstream and Pathways:


Year 7-8 Pathways Comparison


The Year 7 & 8 Mainstream program is a well-balanced program that explores all core subjects and cycles through four specialist classes over the course of the year. These specialist classes include; 


Year 7




Visual Arts (Art/VCD)

Year 8


Food Studies

Systems Engineering

Visual Arts (Art/VCD)


The Year 7 & 8 Pathways programs allow for a greater degree of specialisation and a deep dive into the learning areas that pathway focusses on. Year 7 & 8 Pathways classes run for a full year and they complete 2 specialist classes a year.


In Year 7 the specialist pathways engaged with in each pathway are:


  • Pathways through Athlete development - Music & Visual Arts
  • Pathways through Performing Arts - Media & Music
  • Pathways through STEM - Computing and Media


In Year 8, the specialist pathways engaged with in each pathway are: 

  • Pathways through Athlete development - Food studies & Drama
  • Pathways through Performing Arts - Drama & Food studies
  • Pathways through STEM - Systems Engineering & Visual Arts

We strongly encourage participation in Pathways programs for Year 7 & 8.